Legal Automation

Inforama - Document Automation and Document Assembly Services
to the Legal Profession

Inforama Document Automation (Document Assembly) can be used for client
communication and complex legal documents. Streamlining production of
high-volume or routine documentation, will save your firm time, improve
efficiency, and stay competitive in today's environment.

Inforama automates the generation of legal documents for all areas
of law. This enables lawyers, and attorneys to eliminate the time
involved with creating, updating, generating, and editing legal

Legal document assembly no longer requires programming resources, and accurate,
personalized and professional legal documents can be e-mailed or posted to clients on demand.
Inforama Document Automation can help reduce document assembly and production times by 60%, with increased document productivity by 200%.

Examples of documents that you can create with Inforama:

  • Wills
  • Contracts
  • Agreements