Insurance Document Automation Management

Inforama - Document Automation and Document Assembly Services
to the Insurance Industry

Inforama simplifies insurance document automation and document assembly
for insurer's customer communication. Manage all insurance policy
documents, changes and revisions efficiently and cost effectively.
Insurers can eliminate manual drafting or data entry of insurance
documentation to speed up document management and reduce
costs for document production.

Outdated document versions or content omissions can lead to
errors and re-working of documents adding needless cost to printing etc.
The challenge is to improve the speed and quality of customer and
communication documentation without adding IT resources or up-skilling.

Insurance companies using Inforama Document Automation dramatically improve the accuracy and dramatically reduce the time required to execute customer communications involving documentation while handling increased volume with existing non IT staff. Inforama Studio is based on open standards and can easily integrate with third party and legacy Billing systems, CRM systems and Content Management solutions. Inforama is a process-driven document automation solution for enhanced customer communication, business agility, efficiency, and reducing costs for insurance companies.

Web services and an SOA platform enable tight integration into every kind of environment and better collaboration for complex and multichannel insurance applications.

Insurance document assembly no longer requires programming resources, and accurate, personalized and professional documentation can be e-mailed or posted to clients on demand. Inforama Document Automation can help reduce document assembly and production times by 60%, with increased document productivity by 200%.

Examples of documents that you can create with Inforama:

  • Policies
  • Renewals
  • Statements
  • Endorsements
  • Contracts
  • Amendments
  • Disclosures