Healthcare Document Automation Management

Inforama - Document Automation and Document Assembly
Services for the Healthcare Industry

Inforama works with Healthcare providers to automated the design,
creation and output of all types of customer document communication
across the organization. Inforama Studio is a cost effective solution
to let you quickly and easily create any type of customized
communication regardless of document type or delivery channel.
Deploying Inforama allows you to eliminate fragmented document
creation systems, leading to significantly reduce costs and
ensure consistent customer communications. Inforama
document automation is unmatched in its flexibility when it
comes to integrating with existing IT environments, including
service-oriented architectures. The software lets you process multiple
data sources of almost any type, as well as link to legacy systems, web services,
and third party applications like CRM and ECM.

Inforama helps the healthcare industry reduce document production costs, create vital personalized customer communications faster, and deliver document communications to help acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships.

Customer document assembly and form templates no longer requires programming resources, and accurate, personalized and professional documentation can be e-mailed or posted on demand. Inforama Document Automation helps reduce document assembly and production times by 60%, with increased document productivity by 200%.