Government Document Automation

Inforama - Helping Government and Public Sector Agencies to Drive
Efficiency and Effectiveness for Document Automation.

Inforama is the most intuitive and easy-to-use document automation solution
that addresses the growing number and complexity of citizen communication.
From high-volume forms or barcoded statements; personalized ad-hoc
communications and interactive engagements in real-time, Inforama allows
Government and Public Sector agencies to provide an outstanding
service by transforming your document production.

We help your organization spend more time delivering
citizen services and less time on preparing documents.

Inforama can also assist public sector and government agencies become greener
by saving time, costs and paper by delivering communications electronically in multiple
formats, combining mailings per household and incorporating targeted marketing messages into the documents.

Examples of documents that you can create with Inforama:

  • Billing
  • Commuications
  • Statements
  • Forms
  • Amendments
  • Information Packs