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Inforama - Document Automation and Document Assembly Services for
Legal Companies, Service Providers, Associations and Contract providers.

Improve the management of customer contracts, applications, forms,
agreements, invoices and templates with Inforama Document Automation
online or enterprise. Inforama SaaS document assembly and document
automation is an online solution designed for professional
service organizations including law firms. Automated document
creation and online delivery platform for do-it-yourself documents
direct to customers, members and clients.

Inforama gives you the tools to create document templates and packages
of documents, allowing for pre-approved documents to be shared and re-used.
We make sure that content is fast and easy to find in a central web-based repository.
Plus we help you to automate document drafting to ensure a speedy, consistent outcome each and every time. Also, Inforama does this in future-proof XML format, giving you the flexibility to produce perfectly styled documents in OpenOffice (ODT), Word (DOCX), RTF or PDF, and the ideal platform for online innovation.

Timely Communication for profitable relationships

The benefits for Inforama will be quick and clear. Faster document turnaround, improved business focus, and consistent, error-free documents will help to make your business relationships stronger. Improved productivity will allow you to improve margins, for improved profitability. And more effective knowledge sharing will help non IT staff to learn more quickly, saving time and cost on training.