Banking & Finance Document Automation

Inforama - Easy for frontline staff, savings for IT, more responsive
for customers

Inforama will streamline and automate banking documentation and related
documents for customer communication. Inforama enables financial
institutions to increase operational efficiencies by automating the capture
and preparation of documents and information that are critical to the
core business.

Managing policy documents, changes and revisions efficiently and
cost effectively is a critical aspect in maintaining and growing your
customers in today's marketplace. Manual drafting or data entry
slows things down and keeps your costs high. The challenge is to
improve the speed and quality of customer and communication documentation
without adding IT resources or up-skilling.

Improve the customer experience. Automate document-handling processes with bar coding and branch document capture so staff can stop spending time making copies, filling in forms and getting stuck in manual document process. Inforama will allow staff to spend more time interacting with customers, and exploring new sales opportunities.

Streamline core banking business processes. Minimize manual paper handling and accelerate new account openings by converting paper-based processes to automated document assembly.

Inforama streamlines your IT infrastructure with the ability to create highly personalized documents in real time and the tools to generate structured documents in batch. Rapid deployment across your organization is ensured via an open standards-based, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that optimizes your infrastructure investments and provides efficient integration.

Examples of documents that you can create with Inforama:

  • Policies
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Statements
  • Mortgage Applications
  • Loan Packs